We are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and plan to re-open on April 16th.

9555 South Eastern Ave Suite 140, Las Vegas, NV 89123

(702) 766-1776

Las Vegas Coin Company

Welcome to Las Vegas Coin Company

Welcome to Las Vegas Coin Company

Welcome to Las Vegas Coin CompanyWelcome to Las Vegas Coin Company

We Also Buy and Sell Jewelry

Our customers know that we buy and sell coins, bullion and collectibles.  But many of you may not be aware that we buy jewelry as well.

The Orange Painting Part III

It's 2020 and the Orange Painting is still looking for a new home.

Tour of the Shop

John takes us on a tour of Las Vegas Coin Company on his 61st birthday.

The Orange Painting Part II

Please adopt John's orange painting.

Investing in Gold

John talks about investing in gold in case there is a financial crisis.

Buying and Selling Collectibles

Seven Months

John talks about our first seven months buying and selling coins and collectibles.

The Orange Painting

Selling Your Collectibles to Las Vegas Coin Company

Selling Silver Dollars to Las Vegas Coin Company

John, Scott and Han Talk About Collectible Buying

Selling Your Bullion to Las Vegas Coin Company

Scott Talks About Our Collection of Wall Clocks

Selling Your Jewelry to Las Vegas Coin Company

Happy 4th of July From Las Vegas Coin Company

John Talks About His Fog Machine and Iceland

Las Vegas Coin Company Ribbon Cutting

See the ribbon cutting ceremony at our store's grand opening!

Las Vegas Coin Company Gets a New Sign

See our new sign get installed before our opening March 31st!

We will buy your coins

Come visit our store that opened March 31, 2018!

We have decades of experience in the coin business. I started collecting coins since I was five years old, and I still have a passion for it. So I'm looking forward to you bringing in your coins so I can make you a fair offer.

Based on our broad experience and contacts in the industry we can sell pretty much everything you bring in the door. Because of that, we can pay you strong prices.