One Year Anniversary

 Las Vegas Coin Company celebrates one year since the store opened. John shows some of the silver we buy and sell, including sterling silver such as a teapot from 1910, silver bullion coins and bars and a coin that was found in a shipwreck. Other items on display include a signed baseball and a vintage Superman glass. 

Buying and Selling Jewelry to Las Vegas Coin Company

John shows a mysterious solid gold bowl that he hopes some viewers will be able to help identify. Gemologist Lyndy LaRue talks about buying and selling jewelry to Las Vegas Coin Company as well as custom jewelry making offered at our shop.

John Tells the Story Behind Fulton on the Morning Blend

John explains how Fulton the meteor got its name, how his X-ray spectrometer can test space rocks, coins and other items customers bring into the store. Shawn tries on a Slipknot Grammy nominee medal.

John Brings His Meteor to the Morning Blend

John shows "Fulton", his 52-lb space rock that landed in Argentina. Also seen is an autographed photo of the LA Lakers with their #1 fan Jack Nicholson. Finally, John talks about investing in gold and silver coins.

John talks About His New Store on the Morning Blend

John introduces Las Vegas Coin Company to Shawn and JJ on the Morning Blend.